Amir Sofi

Amir Sofi was born and raised in Haifa, Israel where he started playing the darbuka at age 13. At age 18, Amir traveled Egypt to study privately at the Conservatory for Music. Upon returning to Israel, Amir started working with the #1 band there, "Dream". At age 19 he was the youngest member of the band. Dream performed throughout Israel and toured Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Also at 19, Amir played in bands for two of the top variety and talk shows in Israel.

Upon arriving back in the U.S., Amir once again started focusing on his music career. He began playing at top Arabic nightclubs in L.A. for such performers as Jillina, Sabrina, Sahra, and more. Amir played at the Luxor, Middle East Connection, Carousel and others to name a few. During this time, Amir was recording for and performing with top Arabic, Persian and American artists as well as CDs for belly dance. Amir also played for artists such as Shanie, Andy, Hassan Sham Azade, Arabia El Kouly, Kazem El Saher, Mahmood Anwar, Adam Basma, Dr. Sammy Farag, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Sambello and the latest CD for Michael Bolton.

After spending a few years in L.A., Amir was contacted to play in a popular nightclub in Portland, Oregon where he played for local belly dancers, including Aziza. In 1999, after having been in Portland for a year and doing workshops throughout the northwest, Amir traveled back to Egypt to record his CD. Amir was also able to work with the famous El Masia Band, who you will hear playing beautifully throughout the CD.

In 2001, while still in Egypt, Amir was contacted to perform with Sting and Cheb Mami for the 2001 Superbowl Opening Show Performance. Sting, pleased with Amir, asked him to accompany his group on other performances as well.

Several weeks after his performances with Sting, Amir started work at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino. Amir now plays at Wahib's Nightclub in Alhambra, CA. Amir still records in L.A. regularly and has performed music that can be heard in soundtracks such as the Scorpion King, Spy Games, The Hulk, and The Keeper.