Tom Howard

Tom has been studying and competing in Martial Arts and Wrestling for nearly 30 years and is an experienced instructor of Pro Wrestling, Japanese Puroresu, Mexican Lucha Libre and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He is a veteran of more than 1000 matches/bouts around the world and has appeared regularly on TV and Pay-Per-View. Tom has experience in virtually every aspect of Pro Wrestling and MMA as it relates to Film and TV.

Tom’s career highlights include:
  • Veteran Performer/Competitor in Pro Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing for worlds top companies including WWE, Zero One, UFO, K1, Cage Rage, IFL, All Japan, Noah, IGF & AAA
  • Former US Heavyweight Champion in wrestling and NWA Tag Champion in Japan
  • Instructor/Host of Ultimate Pro Wrestling Training, the industries leading instructional series w/ students including John Cena & Samoa Joe
  • Featured in shows on Discovery Channel, TLC, MTV, CMT, VH1, WB, Fox and USA
  • Experienced Actor, Stuntman, Producer, Technical Producer, Action Coordinator, and Fight Scene Choreographer with credits in Film, TV and Commercials.
  • Trainer of actors & celebrities for Film & TV, such as Jack Black for “Nacho Libre,” and Dennis Rodman, Butterbean and Danny Bonaduce for Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

Tom combines hands-on experience in the Mixed Martial Arts & Pro Wrestling industries with experience in Film & TV, on camera and behind the scenes, to bring the highest levels of reality, professionalism and expertise to every project.